Vaishali S is a Mumbai-based luxury label founded by Vaishali Shadangule in 2001 that transforms authentic Indian handlooms into wearable works of art.Vaishali draws inspiration from her ability to observe and listen, allowing her designs to speak for themselves.Vaishali’s vision is to bring India's centuries-old weaving technique to the forefront of the global fashion scene. The Vaishali S label uses an innovative approach that blends modern fashion trends with traditional Indian textiles. Her current collection is a mix of different types of traditional hand woven textiles of India. Vaishali has explored and worked with textiles developed across India's many regional and cultural textile centers. She has brought traditional weaving techniques from many of India's remote villages to its mainstream fashion centers, all the while supporting these local weavers and working towards extending her goodwill to many other parts of India.Vaishali S has successfully produced and presented 19 collections at prestigious events such as the New York Fashion Week, FDCI (Amazon/Wills) Fashion Week, New Delhi and Lakme Fashion Week, Mumbai, to date.


September 2017

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